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Spanish: International Language for an International Job

Spanish is a very popular language around the world and it’s also an INTERNATIONAL language that can help you to obtain awesome jobs around the globe. Learn why with this video

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About Your Host

Deviani Andrea

Co-founder, Español Marfil

Deviani is a Spanish enthusiast. Since moving to
Canada in 2018, she has focused on sharing her culture and language as a tutor
to people with different backgrounds. She teaches Spanish at the University of Alberta.
With Español Marfil she has helped young and mid-level professionals to stand
out in the workplace by bringing a trending new skill to the table: ESPAÑOL.
Recently awarded with Joaquín García Icazbalceta Excellence Prize by the
Mexican Academy of Language, she is passionate about language, history,
teaching, and dancing

“I would recommend Deviani & Liliana
as teachers to anyone who would like to learn Spanish”. Celeste Terance, Human Resources,

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