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Phrases for a Perfect Interview / Conference in Spanish

With this video you’ll learn how to organize, present, and captivate your audience in Spanish. Get ready for that job interview or conference!


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About Your Host

Deviani Andrea

Co-founder, Español Marfil

Deviani is a Spanish enthusiast. Since moving to
Canada in 2018, she has focused on sharing her culture and language as a tutor
to people with different backgrounds. She teaches Spanish at the University of
Alberta. With Español Marfil she has helped young and mid-level professionals
to stand out in the workplace by bringing a trending new skill to the table:
ESPAÑOL. Recently awarded with Joaquín García Icazbalceta Excellence Prize by
the Mexican Academy of Language, she is passionate about language, history,
teaching, and dancing

Le cours d’espagnol Marfil m’a permis de revoir les concepts
grammaticaux nécessaires à l’usage de la langue parlée et écrite. J’ai pu perfectionner mon vocabulaire dans des situations authentiques
lors des séances orales et écrites. Lili et Deviani sont très attentives et
soucieuses de mes besoins et elles personnalisent le cours afin de bien
répondre aux besoins de sa clientèle. Je recommande fortement ce cours. A++-Lyne de la Plante, Éducateur, Ontario

“I would recommend Deviani & Liliana
as teachers to anyone who would like to learn Spanish”-Celeste Terance, Human
Resources, Edmonton

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