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Speaking Spanish fluently will increase your income if you know how to use it!

Gain a new skills this 2021 and boost your career!

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What will you learn on this FREE «BOOST YOUR CAREER WITH SPANISH» class

Learn to use Spanish as a tool to propel your career. Español Marfil has created a brief class where you will discover:

Spanish, the new gate to the world: The increasing popularity of Spanish in North America, Europe, and AsiaProfessional sectors seeking for Spanish speakersPlaces in North America to use Spanish professionallyReturn of investment: How much extra $$ you can make by speaking SpanishWhy 99% of Spanish courses won’t help you to achieve your professional goalsWhat you should look for in a Spanish class to meet your goals Click here to watch the class for free!Sub Text

Meet the team of Español Marfil

 Mater + Filia : Marfil

Liliana has been an Spanish teacher for 25 years for both native and foreign speakers. She loves to share what she knows with her students and help them to achieve their communications goals in Spanish in an atmosphere of joy and good humour. 

Deviani is a Spanish enthusiastic. Since moving to Canada in 2018 she has focused on sharing her culture and her language to people with different backgrounds. She teaches Spanish at the University of Alberta, and as a personal tutor. With Español Marfil she has helped young and mid professional to stand out in the workplace by bringing a trending new skill to the table: ESPAÑOL. Recently awarded with Joaquín García Icazbalceta Excellence Prize by the Mexican Academy of Language, she is passionate about language, history, teaching, and dancing.

What people say about Español Marfil


«Lili y Devi son excelentes profesoras. Durante el curso aprendo nuevo vocabulario, trabajo mucho y hablo con más fluidez y facilidad.»

Pierre Hardy

Professor, Ontario


«I would recommend Liliana and Deviani as teachers to anyone who would like to learns Spanish»

-Celeste Terance, HR. Edmonton.

Celeste Terrance

Human Resources, Alberta


Español Marfil was a wonderful experience that help me advance my Spanish in a quick environment. Deviani & Liliana were extremely friendly and accommodated to my needs. Overall, I feel empowered thanks to this course and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their Spanish speaking skills 

Ryan Costello

Mechanical Engineer, Alberta

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Get to know all the perks that Spanish will have in your professional success with our class «How Speaking Spanish Can Boost Your Career»!

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