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Practical Spanish course for professionalS who want to boost their career

Spanish opens doors for companies to big markets and it opens doors  FOR YOU to new and better job opportunities!

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 The most common are:

Lack of vocabulary

Thinking you won’t pronounce the words right

Being afraid of mistakes

Having difficulty with grammar

Conversing without fluency

Have you had any of these difficulties?

 Learning a new language needs time, practice, and an effective method of learning. It’s a path full of challenges and rewards.

No one is comfortable making mistakes, especially if it’s a skill that helps your career, but no one is a 100% mistake proof. The truth is you’re going to make mistakes, feel nervous, even doubt on the your memory health, and you will want to give up.

But you can minimize this feers and increase your confidence to speak Spanish by practicing constantly, with professional teachers but most importantly, with people who has been in the same situation as you! 

We are Liliana and Deviani

Mother and daugther, of MATER and FILIA in latin, if you put those words together you get MARFIL, which also means ivory in Spanish, DID YOU KNOW?

Liliana has been an Spanish teacher for 25 years for both native and foreign speakers. She loves to share what she knows with her students and help them to achieve their communications goals in Spanish in an atmosphere of joy and good humour. 

Deviani is a Spanish enthusiastic. Since moving to Canada in 2018 she has focused on sharing her culture and her language to people with different backgrounds. She teaches Spanish at the University of Alberta, and as a personal tutor. With Español Marfil she has helped young and mid professional to stand out in the workplace by bringing a trending new skill to the table: ESPAÑOL. Recently awarded with Joaquín García Icazbalceta Excellence Prize by the Mexican Academy of Language, she is passionate about language, history, teaching, and dancing.

Spanish grows in popularity everyday, even China and India are interested in it! Expressing yourself clearly and fluently in this language will allow you to enhance your professional career.  Spanish ar work opens doors for new clients, new alliances, job opportunities, increases, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to travel to use it!

We believe practice makes perfect but it is necessary to be guided during the process and focus your practice towards your goals. Español Marfil use teaching tools, personalized for every student, to learn and accomplish in an efficient and fun way!

When purchasing Business Spanish YOU WILL GET…

 10 1-hour sessions twice a week to practice your Spanish with Español Marfil’s teachers.Personalized teaching material (vocabulary, phrases, grammar, etc)Support during your practice process via email.This is what you’ll learn:1. Identifying job offers in Spanish2. Job interview/ Job conference3. Business presentations4. Contact and assist clients5. Negotiation process (salary increase, benefits, holidays, ets.)


Business Spanish NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONprice 50%OFF2 payments of $130 CA 

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Business Spanish NEW YEAR RESOLUTION price 50% OFF$250 CA

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Why Business Spanish is for you?

You may wonder if this investment is for you. Have you find yourself in any of these situations?

Your conversations in Spanish are limited. 

Your vocabulary and expressions related to work is short.

You want to improve your speaking.

You  see the popularity of Spanish world-wide and want to take advantage of the Spanish you learn in high school.

You like the advantage of online training (comfort regarding time and place).

What our students say…


Español Marfil was a wonderful experience that really help me advance my Spanish in a quick and carefree environment. Deviani & Liliana were extremely friendly and accommodated to my needs. Overall, I feel empowered due to this course and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their Spanish speaking skills.

Ryan Costello

Mechanical Engineer, Alberta

Genuine, A++

 Le cours d’espagnol Marfil m’a permis de revoir les concepts grammaticaux nécessaires à l’usage de la langue parlée et écrite. J’ai pu perfectionner mon vocabulaire dans des situations authentiques lors des séances orales et écrites. Lili et Deviani sont très attentives et soucieuses de mes besoins et elles personnalisent le cours afin de bien répondre aux besoins de sa clientèle. Je recommande fortement ce cours. A++

Lyne de la Plante-Hardy

Éducateur, Ontario

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Business Spanish NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONprice 50%OFF2 payments of $130 CA 

2 payments of $130!Sub Text

Business Spanish NEW YEAR RESOLUTION price 50% OFF$250 CA

BUY IT NOW for $250!Sub Textmastercard

 Success with a second language begins with commitment, remains with practice and is achieved through dedication. 

We will be with you to achieve your goal

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